Personalised Labels

To identify personal belongins of children and seniors

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Délai de livraison

Labels that do not take off !

Important Instructions for effective results

    étiquettes thermocollantes
  • Use a domestic iron.
  • The iron must be emptied of its water so that the labels will stick perfectly.
  • Set the iron temperature to the warmest "COTTON" position (204 ° C or 375 ° F)
  • Plug in the iron and wait for about 5 minutes to reach the required temperature.
  • Place the iron on the label for about 8-10 seconds with gentle pressure.
  • The use of a protective fabric deposited over the garment while covering the label is not recommended because this process reduces heat and prevents the adhesive from adhering to the fabric..
  • If you want to use this method, you must cut a window the size of the label in the center of the fabric. Once the label has been placed on the garment, cover it with the label in the cut-out opening, allowing the iron to touch only directly on the label , Without however touching the fabric itself. This method allows to stick labels on synthetic fabrics. We recommend that you do a test on a spot of the fabric that you think is appropriate to ensure that this method can be applied to your garment. We release ourselves from all liability if you damage clothing using this method. The use of sewing labels is more appropriate for synthetic fabrics.
  • Properly glued labels will resist machine, domestic or industrial washing and will not take off even after several hundred washes..