Personalised Labels

To identify personal belongins of children and seniors

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q : Do your labels could be ereased in the wash?
R : Our labels are printed with a special ink that resists detergents.
Q : Do your self-adhesive labels (to stick with an iron) take off when washing?
R : Fixed correctly, they remain in place for years.
Q : How should the heat-seal labels be sticked?
R : Use an iron set to the hottest position (cotton). Drain the water from your iron and close the steam option. Do not use fabric between the iron and the label, as the temperature would not be sufficient to dilute the adhesive labels. Press lightly on the label with the iron for 3 to 4 seconds and the turn is played.
Q : How to remove a label?
R : Use the iron again. Press on the label with the iron and remove it with tweezers, while it is still hot.
Q : How to remove the glue residue on the garment once the label is removed?
R : Remove excess glue using an iron and an old cloth or piece of cloth. Place the fabric on the location where the glue to be removed is located. Heat the fabric with the hot iron for 3 to 4 seconds. Remove the iron and remove the fabric. The glue will end up on the fabric. Repeat until all glue is removed.
Q : Can I buy a pack of fewer than 96 labels? Let us say 48.
R : The packages contain 96 labels. But we quickly realize that 96 labels is really not much. It takes several to mark everything. You have to think about the stockings and mitts that require 2 labels in pairs. You have to think about the four seasons and the clothes bought throughout the year. Our labels are as permanent as the child's name; They can be used later. Daycare, kindergarten, school, scouts, holiday camps and snow camps, not to mention school trips: all the circumstances in which children's clothes and objects must be marked.
Q : What are the personal items on which labels can be affixed?
R : Books, notebooks, boots, skates, bicycle helmets, plastic containers, insulated containers, ski poles, hockey equipment, golf clubs, etc.
Q : Do vinyl labels for personal items take off in the dishwasher?
R : Our vinyl labels have a high resistance to microwave and dishwasher.
Q : Why do you offer clear labels?
R : To discreetly mark items such as golf clubs or high-value pens used at work or in the office. It can also be affixed to a branch of a pair of glasses, a cell phone, an iPod or any item that you want to mark without using a too visible white label.
Q : Why do you offer a choice of white or black ink on transparent labels?
R : A dark-colored article is labeled with white ink, but the label printed in black is preferred for a lighter colored item.
Q : Can I buy a pack of clear labels, half of which is printed in black and the other half in white?
R : A package contains 96 labels of the same color. To get both colors, you need to buy two packages: one in black and one in white.
Q : Can pencil labels be sticked to anything other than pencils?
R : Yes, these small labels can stick on small items such as baby pacifiers, pencil sharpeners, compasses, erasers and all small items that require a smaller label. Like labels for personal items, these small vinyl labels also resist microwave and dishwasher safe.
Q : What is the regular service delivery time?
R : You receive the order after 2-3 weeks
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