Personalised Labels

To identify personal belongins of children and seniors

Products that offer the best quality on Quebec market
and the best value for money, locally and over the web.

Délai de livraison
Since 1986, we have been specializing in the manufacture of labels used to identify clothing, objects and pencils not only of children but also of adults.

Being a family business since its early days and still today, we strive to offer the best products and best service possible.

Especially used to identify academic effects, they are highly appreciated to avoid the loss of personal effects during snow camps or during student holidays. Also very useful for protecting the personal items of toddlers who attend a daycare or kindergarten. Note that they are often ordered by parents who must identify various work items in the office.

Indispensable to the elderly to be admitted, a reception center or retirement home.

They are very often used to identify items of craft or personal manufacture. Many SMEs use them to identify products that require water- or solvent-resistant identification.